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Very professional, experienced, caring, and honest! I saw Dr. Phonexay Lala Simon for my first ever acupuncture visit at Rebel Med NW clinic in Ballard early March after I had suffered from some whiplash and aches from a fall while snowboarding, in addition to a minor concussion. I have always wanted to try acupuncture. I was initially nervous because… you know…needles! But I had no need to worry because Dr. Phonexay Lala Simon was wonderful at making me feel comfortable and was very professional with treating me. It was a very seamless, relaxing, and an amazing healing process for me to experience for my mind and body. I avidly practice yoga and stay active but was was recently experiencing bothersome tension in my neck and shoulders. And as a person with a full time desk job, and a climber/long distance runner, those stresses sometimes get exacerbated. I came back for another round of treatment and to follow up from the aches I experienced after my fall. I felt so much better after receiving acupuncture treatment and cupping. I seriously loved the way I felt during the appointment. It was the self-care I needed and was a real treat. I was so astonished that my pain had subsided the next day and I felt refreshed and fueled to continue my normal outdoor activities. Dr. Phonexay Lala Simon not only focuses on the physical concerns but looks to aid your mindfulness of yourself and bring self awareness to your well being. She is very personable and easy to talk to. I really appreciated the insights she had and the questions she asked me to better understand how my treatment should be suited for my health. And as a very active person, it meant a lot to get natural treatment to my injuries that align with my values of health and wellness. I appreciate the honesty and sincerity of the staff and the values of the clinic overall. I am definitely a fan and will continue treatments to help enhance my mind and body as I increase my activity level with the various sports I partake in.

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