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Cupping, acupuncture, chinese medicine, bodywork, natural healing

A Simple Cupping Demonstration

Cupping has been used for centuries. Archeological findings found cultures that utilized animal horns and bamboo for cupping therapy. Cupping creates a suction on the body that mechanically pulls on the fascia and muscle tissue creating a nice stretch for…

Rebel med at white coats for black lives


On the chilly morning of June 6 atop Cherry Hill, the medical neighborhood of Seattle, hundreds of medical providers and workers gathered together at a street intersection in the middle of a global pandemic. White Coats for Black Lives is about upholding equality in the medical system.
Hello World,

Hello World,

For those out there during this troubled time, if you’re like me, you’re grieving. You’re grieving your future prospects, you’re grieving your job, you may - god forbid - even be grieving for an actual loved one. You’ve cried multiple…

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